Ana's Kitchen featured in Hartford Courant

In March 2018, an interview with Ana's Kitchen owners, Ana Oliveira and Jeff Hoberman, was featured in the Hartford Courant. Ana and Jeff shared their vision for Ana's Kitchen:

“I thought this was a place with so much potential and we could do so much and be creative and do a lot,” Oliveira said. “I always had a vision … [that] I want to have a place where people come in and it always seems like we’re having a party. I want a place where people feel happy, where there’s a good energy going on, plenty of food and people doing whatever it is they want to do in a very relaxed place.”

Other locals also weighed in with their support for the renewed energy at Ana's Kitchen:

Sarah Nielsen, executive director of the Simsbury Main Street Partnership, said the plan by Oliveira and Hoberman will add vibrancy to Simsbury’s main thoroughfare.

“Ana has done a fantastic job of gauging what the really loyal customers still want with how to get new energy and new people,” Nielsen said.


Read more about Ana and Jeff's vision for Ana's Kitchen and how they hope to support their new community.


Lilia Hoberman